About Us

We believe technology is about engaging people, by facilitating and delivering to their needs in the most efficient and effective manner. That is why Greyhound Technologies has always been focused on delivering high quality mobility solutions to our clients across the globe.

The Digital Revolution has evoked the need for not just technologically sound products but also providing solutions which will add value to your business. The digital ecosystem is built and driven by apps today and the largest spoils go to those who conceptualize and develop the most phenomenal applications. And that’s where we become your partner in need and in deed with our state-of- the-art design ability, using the right foundation, a robust strategy and the best supporting technologies that your business needs. To simplify, Greyhound Technologies helps businesses develop and design comprehensive mobile strategies/applications and solution blueprints to help them achieve their long-term mobility plans.

Our sole purpose is to support our clients in their businesses with continuous quality improvement, efficient engineering services and fine-tuned SDLC. But just providing services is passé. What clients need today are sustainability of processes and tools. We walk that extra mile to ensure that our services and support are not only exceptional but viable and can help them through their growth graph and make it sustainable.

The Greyhound Strategy

Why a strategy, you might ask? It is in our core belief that an organization needs strategy to support cross-enterprise solutions, rather than opting for costly and cumbersome point mobility solutions. Greyhound Technologies Strategy offers mobile assessment, architecture, and supporting business case and thus designs innovative and customized mobile solutions, tailored to the business needs of every organization. But before we step into such partnership, we do our homework, so our clients get nothing less than the best results. Through thorough market research, we identify the best business opportunity for you, set a clear and long-term mobility vision and build a roadmap for leveraging mobile technology, which will build a strong foundation for increased productivity, reduced costs and increased revenues.

Our Mission

We aim at shaping the future of enterprise mobility by creating competent and user-engaging software, by integrating unprecedented value and customer-focused approach and thus stand out as the most trusted mobile software services in the world.

How do we do it?

We stand on four key pillars of growth that drives us to our success- Quality, Efficiency, Creativity and Punctuality. At Greyhound Technologies, we are committed to providing our clients with the best technology scientist and engineers with respective domain expertise and unparalleled success ratio with clients, who design exceptional product engineering systems and systematic processes to give you the best output.

Advantages of working with Greyhound

  • Consulting and development services of global standards and at a competitive price
  • Time-to-market advantage
  • Project execution and outcome that surpass all expectations
  • Reduced organizational costs by up to 50%
  • Reduced time by up to 30%
  • Process-driven, yet friendly consulting approach, blended with Agile Development
  • Strong IP Protection Framework
  • Easy outsourcing of projects through our offshore development model or Hiring individual expert for specific project requirements

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