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“Quality is not what you put into a product or service. It’s what your customer gets out of it”- Peter Drucker.

Following the management guru, we have grown to believe that every service that we provide will yield long-term benefits for your business. Greyhound offers four major vital technology services that can change the way your business functions

Highly customizable

Each solution is customized as per the specific client needs

Maximum potential

Every solution and product we create reaches the highest possibility

Responsive Design

Each product and deliverable is perfect for any device or gadget

Experienced team

We are a group of specialised and skilled developers and designers

Tech validated

What you get is tested and validated as per the highest tech standards


Each product and deliverable is perfect for any device or gadget

Clean Code

As secure as it can get with a perfectly neat code with no lags

24*7 Support

Anytime anywhere help to keep your mobile experience same always

We love what we do!

You've probably noticed that

Mobility Enterprise

Most businesses today, look at Mobility Solutions as tools to increase efficiency and productivity. But we believe otherwise. At Greyhound Technologies, we use Mobility Enterprise solutions to drive revenue generation and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. The Greyhound Advanced Mobility Solutions help clients transform their businesses so people, processes and digital assets are always connected and can be optimized on the go. 

iPhone App Development

Taking the mobile market by storm, iPhone applications require specific tools and technologies. We offer top-notch, flawless and dynamic iPhone Application Development services to our clients using Mac-exclusive technologies like Cocoa and Interface Builder. This has enabled us to become a global leader in the world of multi-touch, accelerometers, and mobile application design & development. Our brilliant tech-obsessed mobile developers, creative engineers, project managers and designers ensure that we provide you on-demand capacity to meet your business goals and keep your brand identity undaunted. 

Android App Development

Keeping up with iPhone, Android based devices are growing at light speed, thus increasing the need for exceptional Android Application Development for every product. Keeping the current scenario in mind, we offer development of a variety of enriched applications for Android. Harnessing the optimum potential of the Android SDK platform, our highly proficient Android developers help you develop custom applications that work in tandem with the industry needs. With a wide range of state-of-the-art tools, Greyhound Technologies ensure value-added services to your mobile ecosystem and assure practical and profitable outcomes.

Web Development

Embracing changes is the best way to stay at par with the changing times. The current market trends call for dynamic and interactive web assets to promote better user experience. 

Open Source Development

Open Source Development is on the rage these days. It allows you the benefits of cost, flexibility, freedom, security, and accountability. Greyhound Apps is a prominent open source solution provider and is a front runner in mobile website development, e-commerce web development, social networking website development and corporate website development. Our Open Source Development helps clients opt for web development at a reasonable budget, yet customized to their business objectives. Our expert design and technical teams delivers high coding standards. As a practice, we work closely with you to understand your very specific and even the minute needs, so there’s nothing lost in translation. Our teams’ skillsets also include flash web designing and graphic designing.

ASP.Net Development

This favorite Microsoft application framework helps enterprises build dynamic websites.

AI & Bots

All problems exist in the absence of a good conversation

– Thomas J

Business communication has always thrived on a good conversation. Given a choice, most professionals would opt for a conversation as opposed to most other forms of communication. Moving in tandem with technology, we have evolved in our techniques, but conversations remained nonetheless. Over the last few years, smart technology has helped in creating a platform where all communication is as simple as having a conversation with a colleague. Popularly known as Bots, these interactive conversation agents are becoming an integral part of the digital landscape and speeding up to the existence and significance of websites, mobile, and similar digital platforms. Bots are defined as personal digital assistants who are equipped with the intelligence of gathering insights about any digital conversation/ communication. For users to interact with your service or application at every given touch-point, Bots are growing to be an indispensable technological asset. Designed with the functionality and efficiency of AI, these Bots have advance intelligence which is mapped to the user journey, thus helping them process information, analyze user behavior and present a workable scenario. To be able to successfully integrate the AI, it is important to ascertain the ‘intent’ of the conversation. With upgraded technology know-how, our expert team analyzes and maps all conversations. Beyond regular text based messages, Bots are also being developed with cognitive abilities and integrated with voice and image based conversations. iMobicraft, works closely with its clients to identify their needs and offer Artificial Intelligence and Bot services, custom-made for them.

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