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LMB App (iOS and Android)

  • LMB app is a photo selling and photo rating application that uses to useful pictures to sell the user to gain money. The user  to gain money from pictures and feedback from your friends, friend of friends, trending pics , location based pictures etc. The goal of the application is to provide information that customers can readily utilize, and allow payment for what a customer demos as pertinent information.
  • Some Working Aspects  and features
  • Members would sign up to store information on the network.
  • They would set up their profile similar to a Facebook account.
  • Members would grant permission to utilize information for a purchased price and e-sign agreements.
  • Members utilize the account to sell and access other members on the network.
  • They would link to an account to perform the necessary agreements and payment transactions.
  • Members can access the pictures from all kind of categories.
  • Member can see the larger image of the pictures but will not be able to save that
  • To buy the pictures buyer needs to pay through debit card, credit card or through net banking.
  • Ability to transfer funds between members: