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System Modules

  • Login/ Sign up
  • Home Screen
  • Menu Button
  • Create a Chapel
  • Join a Chapel
  • My Chapel
  • Other Functionalities
  • In-App Settings
  • Admin Panel

MuSync App (iOS)

  • Streaming Music
    By this functionality, the User A (master device) will be able to stream music on their device with other user(s) via Bluetooth or WiFi Hotspot tethering
  • Server Side Analytics & Post-processing
    Server Side Analytics will include counting of the number of times a song has been played, gathering user preference with respect to the trends
  • Integration of Music Platform
    Integration of Sound Cloud, Spotify APIs along with the service. Also, YouTube player will be integrated
  • User Profile Management
    Every user profile will be highlighted based on the user preference and analytics performed in the background
  • 30-sec music preview

  • Backup music list to Excel & upload.