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Rewind360 for DEAF People (Android)

  • Scan the Text for them and read them for the others in a group, so that
  • they can also see the same in their mobile.
  • Now our Tom can also join a group conversation, with their friends and with their Family. (But in future versions it will be more and more
  • friendly for them.
  • Tom can save his conversations, and can be read by the device again later for the group, and he can see the text of what they are asking to him
  • in his device.
  • In Rewind360 we have developed a technology that will make it possible for them to go on group conversations, We are using the most advanced features and speech technology for the systems, that will connect devices in the room, The app can then shows in approx. real time who says what.
  • So, Rewind360 translate speech into written words and transcribe it on screen in near real time.